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Mishmakon - The Dragon King
Book III
Dianne Bylo - 5 of 5 Stars      USA, FLA

     The prophecy is about to be fulfilled. The Dragon King will rise up and his powers will be as never seen before. He will be born of three races, human, elven and dragon blood will flow through his veins. To his people and his family, young Mishmakon is that prophesied King, but can a young boy truly grow into the leader and savior his people have long awaited? Is there something more to the prophecy that has been missed?

     This is it, the final battle against evil, the end of a long and often painful journey, the moment that history has said will come…the moment no one could have predicted would turn out as it has, the Dragon King has come, but he IS three, he IS born of elven, human and dragon blood, his spirit and power lay in the minds and hearts of three children who are about to begin a journey that will change them from the family they are to a singular consciousness, each sharing their own strengths for the good of the one.

     Meanwhile, Treagar, a vile wizard, whose alliance with a vampire has given him a taste for blood and the life essence of humans and magical beings alike will rape, pillage, torture and murder his way toward his end goal, ultimate power and control over all of the kingdom, all of the dragons and all of the magic. His time is coming, his powers are growing as his depravity becomes limitless, making fear one of his greatest weapons.

     Heroes will die, loved ones will be lost, all will seem hopeless while the sweet song of a child rings throughout the kingdom….

     And this, my friends is what epic fantasy is, amazing tales, incredible adventures, insurmountable odds, magic, lore and bloodshed in the eternal fight of good against evil. This is the final tale in The Dragon’s Tale trilogy and it is epic, from start to finish. Stories within stories, no gray areas between good and evil, MISHMAKON – THE DRAGON KING is Mark Boyd’s fantasy tale come to life.

     Feel the love of a young royal family, the joy of young children learning to use their abilities as dragons and the wonder of a land filled with love, even knowing that war is coming. Abruptly, Mark Boyd jars us into the world of evil, dark, sinister and with no redeeming qualities. Treagar knows no boundaries. He is heartless, power-hungry and the ultimate evil as we witness his acts of atrocity and feel our stomachs churn. Trust me, I am pretty sure Treagar is the villain that even his mother could hate.

     Mark Boyd has brought this fascinating trilogy to a close with all of the ingredients epic fantasy lovers can and will sink their teeth, their minds and their hearts into. He spares nothing, from creating each scene's atmosphere to breathing life into each of his characters. This isn’t a quick read, there is far too many loose ends to meld together, far too great of a stage to set, but that final battle, is breathtaking, the kind that makes one peek from behind one’s hands, the kind that makes the edge of your seat the only place to be.

     Not sure you are an epic fantasy lover? This is the trilogy that will convince you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, be patient and savor each page where another world lay hidden just waiting to be discovered.

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     Anaterri, leaning forward, head bowed, had both hands on the big oak table bracing herself. Leto moved around Genevieve and the kids, coming in behind his mother. She raised a hand, stopping his progress. "I'm sorry, but I must finish this," she said quietly, taking a deep breath to calm herself.
     Standing upright, she slowly looked at each individual around the table, taking a moment to make sure she had eye contact with them before moving to the next.
     "I apologize for my outburst, but it is imperative that you understand what's at stake. I'm tired of losing family, tired of seeing my children and grandchildren losing precious parts of their lives. Many times I've wished I'd never heard of this prophecy or been involved in setting it in motion. But then again, I would have missed out on the most passionate love I've ever known and this, my family," she said, pointing to all those surrounding her.
     "You asked, how they could look this way," she said, pointing at the kids. "I will let my grandchildren tell you their story, but before they do, I ask a commitment from each and every one of you in this room today. A commit-ment to stand tall and stand united. A commitment to end the evil plaguing this land. The same evil that has been terrorizing and killing our families and friends for the last three decades. A commitment to kill that bastard Treagar once and for all. If you can't make that commitment today, please stand and leave. We will understand. There will be no ill will against you. Those of us that remain will still carry on the fight to fulfill the Prophecy once and for all.
     The Dragon King is here among us today, for those that didn't know. So, I leave you with this from the Dragon Book of Lore;

'A tale is told in days of lore, of a Dragon King born that will end the war. Appearing as one he is really three, the Prophecy reads, this will be.'

The war is here.

Please reveal yourself, mighty Dragon King."
 Ariel Mathis - 5 of 5 stars         USA, TX

 Honestly, I'm still reeling from the whole thing. I can tell you that this book is magical, heartbreaking, and exhilarating. It's definitely a page turner that grips with emotion and illustrious descriptions to keep you glued. I needed this book but I hate who I lost (Certain characters) to get to the end. Full of adventure and a prophecy that gets fullfilled, this is an epic masterpiece to end the trilogy. And no one can tell me otherwise.
Pat Walker - 5 of 5 stars       Chesterfied, UK

     As with the first two books in the trilogy this is an epic read of mammoth proportions. It is fast paced and exciting with twists and turns aplenty! We see even further developed characters with some magnificent changes that aren't seen coming thrown into the mix.

     Throughout the whole of this huge 600+ page read (and don't let that put you off - it is ALL needed) the reader is held on the edge of their seat in anticipation of the next thrilling turn in the tale. We see the return of much loved characters, old enemies and some new creatures that stun the imagination in the horror they produce. Melding into the plot line they all bring together a dramatic climax that is bittersweet in the end but a ready start to what I hope will be a spin off series.

     I cannot recommend this book, this trilogy and this author highly enough. These books are firmly on my bookshelf alongside Mr Tolkien and many other top flight fantasy authors 
Alex Lopez - 5 of 5 Stars

     Magic, suspense, and adventure all unfold in Mishmakon-The Dragon King in a masterful conclusion to A Dragon’s Tale. Leto and Genevieve’s son Mishmakon (Mish) takes on the family tradition of upholding justice and fighting for peace throughout the lands. It’s an ultimate battle of good and evil and how the balance of the worlds unfold through heart pounding moments. 

     I honestly found this a difficult book to get over because it marked the end to fantastic series. Mark Boyd delivered an excellent, satisfying ending to A Dragon’s Tale that absorbed all the building action of its predecessors to create an ending of epic proportions. 

     This is an excellent series perfect for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien and Sarah J. Maas. 

Dee Gott - 5 of 5 stars         CA, USA

A Dragons Tale – The Prophecy bk 1 by Mark Boyd Review 10/27/17
Who and what is the DRAGON KING???? Is it fact or fiction?

     The prophecy, a foretelling of a great king born of dragon-human-elven blood that unites all of the races in a millennium of peace is an ancient story told to all dragon hatchlings from the Dragon Book of Lore. A foretelling born of old majic, through the centuries, became just another story to give the young hope. The old believed…the young cannot perceive how it could ever manifest; who would ever want to be other than pure blood dragon? The prophecy existed in story only, until Anaterri Strayarth, a blue dragon living in human form and the daughter of Stragor Strayarth – Head of the High Council of Dragons, saves the life of Prince Leandro Sargovia with a transfusion of her dragon blood. The unification of human-dragon blood sets in motion the beginning of the once dormant tale and a love that transcends time. 
Grand Magi Aloysius Alamaris, a black dragon hiding in human form, learns of the initiation of the prophecy and plots the ultimate destruction of all who seek to bring the prophecy to fruition. 
Anaterri and Leandro are now pitted against the ultimate evil, fighting not only for their own lives but also the lives of their children…and they must insure the prophecy is allowed to manifest…at all cost.

     What did I like? Welcome the next Fantasy Magical Series! Magic, Dragons, Wizards, Vampires, mystery, romance, action, plots, prophecies and justice! I loved this book and have already downloaded the next book, so I can stay involved. 

     What will you like? Fly to another world and enjoy the fantasy action on a grand scale, with dragons, evil plots, and action that will wake you up in this wonderful land and take you on a magical journey of the Dragon King. Joint the family in watching the prophecy come to life and then take the journey to defeat the evil that threatens to destroy the world of the Dragons and all those around them. The amazing action comes to life on the pages without lots of excess descriptions, details that keep you involved and ready to hold your breath. I had to tell myself to breath several times. The story is so well developed but it and the characters grow and come to life on the pages as you watch the action. The evil drips off the pages and the fate of the dragon world hang in balance! But the emotions of the characters, the love that was expressed and the care for all around the center family was exceptional! This definitely should be made into a movie, it will be a hit with all of us fantasy lovers.