The Book of Genevieve - Book II

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The Book of Genevieve - Book II
The Prophecy
  Diane Bylo - 5 of 5 Stars   USA

     When an author takes on the second addition to a fantasy series, hopes run high, the question is raised, “Can he do it?” Can he create the same spellbinding magic and unleash our imaginations enough to return to his world of dragons, and other mythical creatures? The Book of Genevieve by Mark Boyd proved to me, that, YES HE CAN!

     Going back to Leto’s world, the ever-mounting pressure to fulfill the Prophesy and what? Romance? Leto is now king and evil is still trying to stop him from his destiny, but he now has an ally in an elven princess, Genevieve, who has an inherited power to put the final nail in the coffin of evil, but first she and Leto must stay alive long enough to be a part of the greatness they are said to be destined for. Their journey will be long, dark and dangerous, but future of the realm is held in their hands. Through it all, their love grows gently, almost regally, gifting them with a bond that cannot be broken. They live together or they die together, you know, the kind of romances in fairytales, filled with love and respect.

     Will the different races see their union as a giant step toward peace in the land or a threat? How can they celebrate their union with some much strife around them? The time has come the fulfill the final pieces of the Prophecy.

    Mark Boyd has been playing at being a writer/magician again, as he re-creates the feel and essence of his Dragon’s Tale world. He fleshes out each character more fully and demonstrates the maturity they have cultured. Filled with quirky characters, feisty characters and the darkness of the vile characters, there is no doubt as to who has the black hearts. Mr. Boyd has written another wonderfully smooth-flowing tale that feels “out of this world” and given it just enough action and tension to feel larger than life. Welcome to his world, you may not want to leave as soon as you meet elves, dwarves and more, as well as get reacquainted with those from the first book. Again, heroes will die, but new ones will arise.

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    Patricia Walker - 5 of 5 Stars   United Kingdom​​

     Picking up from where the first book ended we are plunged straight back into the action and adventure surrounding Leto and Donaterri and their quest to reunite the races and to restore peace to the lands. As before the writing is superb, the characters, both old and new, are so full of life we're sitting alongside them and experiencing everything as it happens. Without being able to put this down the story draws the reader in and holds them fast - living and breathing every single step of the way. There can be no relief for the reader as the story holds us fast right to the end

     Mark has given us another addictive chapter in A Dragon's Tale and as before we simply have to read on until the end just to find out who it is that has caused strife to so many and how to bring the suffering to an end. His writing can be classed as one of the greats in fantasy writing and this series/trilogy is an epic that should grace the bookshelf of any fantasy fan.

   Ariel Mathis - 5 of 5 Stars - USA​​

     The Book of Genevieve, in my opinion, is epic fantasy at it's best. Our Dragon tale continues as the King of the Northland, Leto fulfills his destiny as part of the Prophecy. He finds love, gains allies, & battles the same evil lurking around to destroy the Prophecy.
     The story really takes you away from reality to a world filled with majic and mystical beings. You're always on an adventure planning events and seeing how it all plays out. The good guys are honorable, compassionate, wholeheartedly kind but if you mess with them, you've just signed your death warrant. Might sound a little intimidating, especially since these good guys are shapeshifting dragons with dwarves & Pegasaurs as friends AND they can wield majic. Only something stupid enough as cocky, arrogant, evilness would go up against.

     One of my favorite things in this book is seeing how the characters really came into their own. Remari, the big tough red dragon is such a gentle giant with a huge bite. He's a warrior who loves being in human form because of the feelings and emotions he feels so deeply in tuned with. He's basically feeling these emotions for the first time and he takes mental notes to remember how these feelings are. They influence him on his opinion of humans. I love how he takes pleasure in the simplest of things, such as biscuits, jam, & bacon. Yet, he's a badass warrior who can incinerate you in an instant.

     Donaterri suffered some heartbreak and things got dark but she came through it with her family helping. She has a gift to be thankful for everyday now thanks to her heartbreak.

     Genevieve is Leto's predestined love. The Mother, as she's known in the Prophecy. A strong willed, fierce, beautiful young woman. (Who freaked out in the beginning when I first met her, over having pointy ears. I found that a bit humorous.) She's honestly Leto's equal in every way. There's so many characters to elaborate on I just did my favorites. There's so many to fall in love with!!

     The visuals from the sky to the forest, in caves, in tunnels, to a city in the mountains, to the sea and back to the sky was really something to marvel at in my head. If you truly want to escape reality go with an epic fantasy read like this one to take you there. While this book is longer than the first, you won't mind because you'll be too busy reading to get to the end!!

     In the course of a days time, Princess Genevieve Cheval discovers her ears are starting to point, she is really the daughter of an Elven Princess that died giving birth to her and she has inherited the only weapon that can kill the evil beast overtaking the forbidden forest…which also happens to be the step-brother she never knew she had.   
   Drawn into the forbidden forest by a mysterious dream, Genevieve is led to Queen Bellaserena of the Pegasaurs by two young elven brothers, discovering the Queen is with foal and due at any moment.
     Delivering the young one, Genevieve saves the life of the Queen and her son with the weapon she’d inherited from her dead mother.
     Bellaserena informs Genevieve that the young Princess is destined to a power and a life greater than she’d ever imagined.
     Now, not only seeking her elven family of origin, she finds out that she is an integral part of a Prophecy as told in the ancient Dragon Book of Lore.
     Embroiled in battle to save the forest and her elven kinsmen from the bloodvine, she soon discovers there is an ancient evil set to destroy her and the man she has fallen in love with, King Leto Sargovia.
     Aware this is a battle to the death, she is ready to commit to any action that will allow the Prophecy to manifest.
   Linda Romer - 5 of 5 Stars   USA  NY​​

     I loved book 2 of a Dragon's Tale. This book was just as entertaining as book 1 if not more so.

     What a delight to read and escape to such a wonderful tale. The growth and continuation of characters in book 1 were interesting. The added new characters were bigger than life and brought much reading enjoyment.

     I recommend you take this journey by reading A Dragon's Tale Series by Mark Boyd. I know you will enjoy his writing as much as I have. You will be submersed in battle, love and acceptance, a tale you will not soon forget.

     Looking forward to book 3!

     I give A Dragon's Tale - The book of genevieve book 2 -  5 stars for it's epic adventure and brilliant characters.

     I would recommend this book to anybody that loves adventures.

    Jonel Boyko - 4 of 5 Stars    Ontario, Canada

     You can definitely see a transformation in Boyd’s writing style from the first novel in the series to this one. As his story continues to grow, so does the writing. Readers can still expect the same brilliant descriptions that bring his world to life in a vivid manner, but the storytelling has become even more captivating. I found myself completely lost in this fantasy world with no desire to escape.

     I thoroughly enjoyed the way that Boyd’s characters continue to grow throughout the story. They don’t remain static, but continue to grow and morph throughout this epic tale. This is definitely one of those stories where there is a character for everyone to relate to. You can’t help but be drawn to some and cringe away from others. The line between good and evil has been drawn and these characters fall firmly on one side or another, adding to the action and adventure of the story itself. It is simply amazing.

     This is a great addition to Boyd’s series. I can’t wait to see what comes next!