I began reading fantasy at an early age. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, being one of my first and favorites. Fantasy was my escape when my own world wasn't going so well. I never thought I would be blessed to add to the world of fantasy but my dragon friends had other ideas.
     I only hope you enjoy reading my books, as much as I enjoy writing them. I am forever grateful to the dragon intelligence that has infused my consciousness, awakening memories and giving me the ability to bring their stories to life.
  • A Perspective on Dragon History

         There is much speculation about the origins of dragons, or if they ever existed. Let's suffice to say, they are around, they have been for a very long time, and will be for a longer time yet.
         Before the dawn of mankind, dragons lived a very peaceful and vibrant existence among themselves and the other beasts of the Earth plane.  A special creature with an extremely high degree of intelligence and the ability to shape shift, dragons are able to co-exist, which is really their main purpose, contrary to other stories or tales.
         Dragons, by nature, are curious, have an insatiable appetite for learning, are shy, primarily docile unless provoked, can be a bit mischievous, territorial, and very family oriented. 
         They have been the bane and/or blessing for nearly every civilization since mankind was capable of recording histories.  All have had some legend, belief, or religion based on the dragon.        
          A creature of the majics, dragons are part of the elemental world of Faire beings, and are able to move in and out of various dimensions. Having developed their minds to near full potential, allows the dragon to perform many of its "majical functions," such as shape shifting, casting  spells, healing, telepathy, and surviving hundreds of years in hostile environments. Although armed with wisdom from centuries of history, they are no less immune to technological advancements and surprises of future events. This has been a downfall of dragons, as mankind has progressed in its ultimate goal to control this physical dimension.           
          Irrespective of what most people do or do not think of dragons and their existence...they are here, all around us.  With all that has been written and recorded in stories, pictures and pictographs, from every major civilization known, how can they not exist?
          I find this much akin to walking outside at night, gazing up at the stars, and thinking, "How can anyone be so foolish as to believe we are the only intelligent beings in the universe?"
          This is my opinion and food for thought.

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Books By Mark Boyd
A Dragon's Tale - The Trilogy
The Prophecy
 Book I
The Book of Genevieve Book II
Mishmakon - The Dragon King
Book III

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A Dragon's Legacy - The Series
Texas Fire
Book I

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